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Alchemy Breathwork is more than techniques it stands on principles honoring the breath as contrast beyond just air and breahing. Honoring life with every breath to bring harmony in a chaotic beautiful world. Techniques comes from principle. Go beyond your mental limits with every breath.

All knowledge is self knowledge. - Bruce Lee

Alchemy Breathwork is a internal martial art.

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Dive into groundbreaking techniques exclusively developed to aid those with deviated septums.

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Learn specialized, calming breathwork methods for long-term wellness and stress reduction. In real time beyond the sitdown session

Choose your preferred learning mode with options for online participation or immersive in-person experiences in Miami.

Master the art of adapting to each client’s unique journey, moving beyond rigid systems to foster true growth.

Receive a scalar plasma projector and a 528 Hz nose whistle as part of your guide toolkit.

Get skilled in crafting bespoke subliminal breathwork music for deeper client experiences.

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Engage with a vibrant community of breathwork guides through group chats and collaborative learning.

Earn a certification that sets you apart in the world of alchemy breathwork, recognized for its unique focus and innovative techniques.

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