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What is Alchemy Breathwork?

A Parasympathetic nose breathing lifestyle that enhances the human technology to amplify connection with all dimensions of reality beyond the sit down session in real time. Honoring our multidimensional expressions of life. There is no one size that fits all which is why this style of breathing taps into mental breathwork, quantum breathwork, astral breathwork, color breathing, A system of breath work that can be utilized in everyday life. With over 100s of different ways to utilize alchemy breath work it gives the user a sense of spontaneity so the system doesn’t feel mundane or boring. Scalar energy nutrition is also used to learn more about scalar and the benefits click here

"What Alchemy means to me is turning every breathe into gold, instead of turning every possession to gold..."

Connecting nitric oxide therapy, scalar frequency,  subliminal breathwork, Bigu, Sacred Geometry , energy systems , cell biology, breath consciousness and emotional intelligence to alchemize breathing in an efficient matter. These techniques can be used in ALL aspects of life beyond stationary sessions. It helps with fasting, anxiety, air hunger, libido, stress, focus, cognitive function, athletic ability, sex, diabetes, inflammation, blood flow.

About me

Hi, my name is Devon Graham aka the black air bender, the pioneer of alchemy breathwork. I was initiated into Bigu which is a taoist practice of energy healing and fasting. Sharing holistic and spiritual healing more than anything is what I’ve found to be what brings me the most peace. Breathwork has completely transformed my life and many others from athletes, diabetics and other people with illnesses I’ve been blessed to be part of their breath healing journeys. It is the ultimate connection to Spirit (breath literally translates to spirit! and with this simple yet powerful tool, I’ve been able to truly feel what alignment means.

I've combined ancient practices with sacred geometry utilizing the perspective of human technology. I have worked with office spaces like google and Facebook, just to give you an idea how valuable reducing stress and uplifting energy is.


Here you will find our research and feedback from our happiest clients. All of our techniques have been proven to add many benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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