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What is Alchemy Breathwork?

Alchemy Breathwork a parasympathetic nose breathing lifestyle that enhances human technology, creating a profound connection with all dimensions of reality - in real-time and beyond the confines of a seated session. We honor our multi-dimensional expressions of life, recognizing that there's "no one size fits all" approach to breathwork.

Our style of breathing encompasses a wide spectrum, including Mental Breathwork, Quantum Breathwork, Astral Breathwork, and Color Breathing. With hundreds of unique methods to implement Alchemy Breathwork, spontaneity becomes integral, ensuring the practice never feels mundane or monotonous.

We weave in various therapeutic and scientific modalities such as Nitric Oxide Therapy, Scalar Frequencies, Subliminal Breathwork, and Bigu, along with the principles of Sacred Geometry, Energy Systems, Cell Biology, Breath Consciousness, and Emotional Intelligence. This comprehensive approach alchemizes breathing in an efficient, transformative manner.

"What Alchemy means to me is turning every breathe into gold, instead of turning every possession to gold..."

The real magic of Alchemy Breathwork, and especially Exhale Pressure Breathing™, lies in its applicability in everyday life. Beyond stationary sessions, these techniques are effective aids for fasting, anxiety, air hunger, libido, stress, focus, cognitive function, athletic performance, sexual vitality, diabetes management, inflammation reduction, and improved blood flow. The breath is our fundamental link to life; let's harness its power to amplify our human potential. #ExhalePressureBreathing™"

About me

i am Devon Graham, also known as the Black Air Bender, and I'm the creator of Alchemy Breathwork and pioneer of Exhale Pressure Breathing™. Trained in Bigu, an ancient Taoist practice of energy healing and fasting, my mission is to share holistic and spiritual healing with the world. Breathwork has been transformative in my life and the lives of countless others. I've worked with a range of individuals, from athletes and office workers to people managing diabetes and other health conditions, and have witnessed the profound impact of guided breathwork in their healing journeys. Breath, translating to spirit, forms our fundamental connection to life and the energy around us. In my practice, I've combined ancient knowledge with sacred geometry, and I view the human body as a powerful piece of technology capable of incredible transformations. I've even brought the power of breathwork to corporate environments such as Google and Facebook, demonstrating the vital importance of stress reduction and energy upliftment in all facets of life.

Today, I am excited to share the latest development in my practice, Exhale Pressure Breathing™, a technique that enhances mind-body connection, improves health, and deepens our understanding of ourselves and our energy. Here's to our breath healing journeys together. #ExhalePressureBreathing™

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